Packaging Machines
Shrink Wrapper

This machine is used to wrap a matrix of bottles into a polymer plastic film which is then heated to shrink fit the pack. The bottles are lined up on the conveyor and arranged into the matrix required by the help of sensors and actuators. Then this matrix is pushed in between two membranes from top and bottom and then cut and passed through a heating tunnel. The Unique thermal passage with 2 sets of centrifugal thermal air circulation system has an equal heat distribution with beautiful and secure shrinkage effect and the enhanced cooling shaping passage can quickly turn the packaging membrane into high strength status that is conveniently stored and transported. These are available as:

  • Low Speed
  • High Speed
Labelling Machine

These are in-line sticker labelling machines for front, back and wrap around labels using the best Herma label dispensers. The various kinds of peel systems allow placing of labels on assorted shapes of bottles without any bubbles or wrinkles.

Case Erectors

Case Erectors are case forming machines that automatically form, fold and seal corrugated cartons from flat boxes. Case erecting systems remove the need for operators to stop packing products to build their cartons.

Carton Sealer

The cartons leaving the carton erector pass through the tape application head in a carton sealer which puts tape on one side of the open cartons and closes it to form a one-sided open carton which is then fed into the case packer for further operation. These can be sealed from:

  • Top
  • Top and bottom
Can Sealing Machine

The Automatic Can sealing process is vital for the packaging of different types of goods.

There are two types of packaging, one is semi manual and other is automated.

The seamer chuck holds the can while the rolls rotate around it. Initially, the first operation roll folds the lid (end) and then the second operation rolls tightens the resulting seam.